Broken boiler - no heating no hot water

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    Broken boiler - no heating no hot water

    The boiler packed up 2 weeks ago, the boiler controls the heating and the hot water so we have been without both since.

    LL has been getting quotes for a new boiler replacement but as yet we still don't know when it might be fixed and the LL hasn't responded to recent communications.

    LL hasn't offered to provide heaters, or any kind of compensation for this - with no clear date on when it might be fixed - it could be another 2-3 weeks if we are lucky.

    1. Are we as tenants entitled to any discount on our rent because of this?

    2. Should the LL provide alternative options for laundering and accomodation while this rumbles on?

    3. If no to 1. should the LL provide heaters for us to heat the property so we are comfortable and treat the hot water as an inconvienence?

    It is very disruptive and we are fed up with having to wear 3 layers of clothing and hats when we step out of the warm rooms - oh not to mention only being able to wash your hands in icy cold water...

    Comments please

    Read-up, here on LZ, about L's obligations to you (as T) under section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.
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      Still no heating or hot water... no end in sight

      19 days and counting since boiler and hot water gave up. Boiler has to be replaced no end to repair in sight, LL shows lack of concern or urgency. I know LL is responsible to supply both heating and hot water as per S.11.

      1. Should LL provide heating for each room while this goes on? *

      2. If so, what sort of compensation should I seek for help with electric bill? Is there a calculator on the net anyone knows about to help with this?

      *So far we bought one heater ourselves and the BG engineer gave us one, and we use the oven to take the edge off the kitchen. However if we are around all day and are trying to live a normal life we have to have the heaters on all day and then have them follow us around like pets if we change rooms. (btw: not a double glazed house, single glaze old style windows - lots of them - it only gets a D rating on EPC)

      Experienced advice welcome.


        the law requires your LL to effect repairs in a timely manner, there is however no specific time set out for this.
        As an example as a homeowner I was in a similar situation 3 weeks without a boiler before christmas and I can assure you both my heating engineer and I were doing everything we could to get it sorted.Having said that if it is already established that a new boiler is needed I wouldn't be expecting much more of a delay.


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