Vacating 5 months before tenancy ends

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    Vacating 5 months before tenancy ends

    Hi all

    I have managed to find a mortage company willing to lend me enough to buy a flat for myself and my family. We have found a property that is perfect for our needs. We will be putting in an offer and I have arranged an overdraft to cover the remaining 5 months of my tenancy (at £600.00 per month).

    I know that legally I will have to pay to the end of my tenancy and have prepared for this but.....I really hope to help my landlord find new tenants (and as a by product save some money).

    May I ask you all as landlords what I should do to convince my landlord into trying to relet rather than leave a lovely home empty for months.

    I was going to offer to pay for the property to be readvertisied but what else should I do. Also would it make a difference that I have have spent hours of my time and a bit of my money making the once jungle like garden beautiful.

    Thank you all again in advance,


    Leaving Early

    The first thing to do is speak nicely to your landlord and see if he/she would be willing to release you from the contract - you never know your luck - some will do this.
    If this fails see if you can negotiate a surrender fee - this could be much less than the outstanding rent, and you can walk away with no further trouble.
    If this fails, offer to re-let yourself, finding a tenant which is acceptable to the landlord and paying all re-letting expenses.
    Finally, you can either just leave or pay-up. If you leave the landlord is obliged to cut his (and your) losses by re-letting ASAP. Trouble is the landlord could drag his feet and not try too hard, but would then have to chase you for the money, through the court if necessary. If he fails to re-let quickly a judge may well be on your side.


      I have posted a detailed answer to the same query on this thread:
      Any posts by myself are my opinion ONLY. They should never be taken as correct or factual without confirmation from a legal professional. All information is given without prejudice or liability.


        Once again thank you so much for your help,

        Really is appreciated,



          Hi all

          Following on from your advice I have paid half the landlords reletting costs and have agreed to pay rent until a new tenant has been found.

          I am a little bit concerned that the landlords agents are giving me incorrect information. Can you please letme know if the advice they have given me is correct on these two things.

          1) Vacating before the tenancy ends

          The landlords agent has advised me that they are doing me a favour by only charging me rent until a new tenant is founds as as if they wished they could charge me for the full length of the tenancy even if they find another tenant and the rents overlap!!!

          Can they really do this.

          2) Buying Freehold

          They are also the agents for the freeholder of the flat I am buying. I mentioned that I am really interested in buying the freehold if the other leasheolder is interested but I was advised that their is no way this can be done. I mentioned enfranchment and was advised there is no such thing!!!

          Thank you in advance for your answers,



            I understand that in (1) the agent is wrong - another example of agents being totally "familiar" with the law so long as it benefits them and their clients. Your old landlord is legally obliged to mitigate your losses by reletting the property as quickly as possible. Your rent ceases to become payable as soon as it is received from the new tenant.You are however expected to meet the landlord's reasonable re-letting expenses.
            With regard to query (2) I can only suggest you post it on the section of this board reserved for such queries or try

            Any information given in this post is based on my personal experience as a landlord, what I have learned from this and other boards and elsewhere. It is not to be relied on. Definitive advice is only available from a Solicitor or other appropriately qualified person.


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            • Reply to Epc
              by mariner
              Not quite. The LL can apply to Court for Right of Access & ask Court to apply costs against T.
              29-03-2020, 02:10 AM
            • Epc
              by lavy
              Hi, Wondered if someone could clarify I have property with existing tenants in place long term and the epc has expired but was in force when they moved in . I am aware that it would need to be renewed if a new tenant was to move in . With the new rules coming into force soon must i get an epc done...
              11-02-2020, 12:28 PM
            • Reply to No EPC
              by mariner
              I think you need a valid EPC before the Property can be advertised for sale/rent, but not for an eviction.
              29-03-2020, 01:30 AM
            • No EPC
              by Onepropertypeter
              I have a single property which I have owned since 1998. I currently have had the same tennent for about 10 years. When she began the tennency there was no requirement to have an epc and I was unaware that I needed one! I have decided to sell the property as I am now 70 years old and want the capital....
              28-03-2020, 16:16 PM
            • Reply to Epc
              by flyingfreehold
              Not quite correct. If the tenant refuses upgrades, which is his/her right this is a ground to apply for exemption...
              28-03-2020, 22:15 PM
            • Reply to Asking for 35% off rent
              by AndrewDod
              This is not likely to be valid or easy employed. It does not sound like a deed. What witnesses were there? How many witnesses and who were they? Do you have proof of ID for the Guarantor and witnesses?

              But yes, they are most likely chancers using the law to try to diddle you.
              28-03-2020, 21:15 PM
            • Asking for 35% off rent
              by Lillylisa
              Hi. I am a fairly new landlord and I only own one property. About a month ago I reached out to my tenants asking if they were okay and if they wanted to get in contact with me please do. Three days later they contacted me to ask for a massive reduction in the rent asking for 35% off. I have no issues...
              28-03-2020, 16:20 PM
            • Reply to Asking for 35% off rent
              by Snorkerz
              Then unfortunately, you will have difficulty enforcing the guarantee (unless your guarantor is named as a tenant or the tenancy agreement is executed as a deed). The reason for that is because

              With your tenancy agreement
              • You give the tenants a tenancy, they give you rent (consideration)
              • Guarantor
              28-03-2020, 21:13 PM
            • Reply to Asking for 35% off rent
              by Lillylisa
              Ps I’m unable to edit the original. Sorry so long winded. I have a visual impairment & have to use voice dictation. It’s awful!...
              28-03-2020, 21:06 PM
            • Reply to Asking for 35% off rent
              by Lillylisa
              To be clear: the guarantor signed the contract which has a section called The Guarantor which clearly lays out his/her legal liabilities. In this case, he is liable for all the rent not just for his nephews. I’m sure they would not want this to fall to him. They have been very good tenants so far....
              28-03-2020, 21:02 PM