Fees for inventory, check-in, and check-out

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  • norfolk_tom
    started a topic Fees for inventory, check-in, and check-out

    Fees for inventory, check-in, and check-out


    I'm currently trying to challenge my letting agents claim for checking my inventory when I leave the property I'm renting. They want £50+VAT, not extortionate I know but they're so useless that the thought of paying them any money angers me!

    My challenge is that the inventory document they issued didn’t arrive until 1 week after I'd moved in and was riddled with discrepancies and errors so took me ages to draw up a schedule of amendments.

    It is written into the agreement that I am liable for the fee they're claiming for "the checking of any Inventory and or Schedule of Condition” but when I spoke to them following my written challenge they talk about a "check out fee", which isn’t what's in the agreement surely.

    My argument is, when the agreement says checking the inventory, and the inventory was both late and inaccurate am I justified in refusing to pay? Especially seeing as I drew up most of the inventory myself! Or alternatively could I counter charge them for the time and effort it took to rectify owing to their incompetence?

    any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Tom

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