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    Professionnal Cleaning Issue

    Hi, we are leaving our flat and the tenancy agreement states that it requires a professional cleaning. We've been living in the flat for a year and it's been looked after properly since the moving in date.

    We signed the check-in inventory including the professionnal cleaning (+steam carpet) and the agent advise that professionnal cleaning will not be compulsory as long as we are able to return the flat in the initial condition. This information was given verbally only.

    We believe that a professionnal cleaning is not required at this stage, as we are able to return the property in the way we received it. Is there any way we could negotiate this matter directly with the agency to avoid this expense, if it could be avoided.

    Our question has been posted before but we couldn't find any legal base to support what seems to be a common answer.

    Thank you!

    This issue comes up quite frequently on this site. You might find this thread useful:

    Alternatively, put 'professional cleaning' into the search - there are several other threads on the subject.

    In a nutshell, any 'professional cleaning company' clause is probably unenforceable as long as you can return the property in the condition you 'inherited' it in on Day One of the tenancy. In other words, if you can clean it yourselves to a professional standard, LL cannot insist you employ a company.

    If there was no check-in inventory proving state of cleanliness on Day One, LL is on a losing wicket anyway.
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