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    thanks Jefferey, just one further bit maybe you could help with?

    I'm not interested in screwing tenants over (i'm a tenant myself and hate it when landlords are rubbish), i'm managing the place for a relative. That's not why I want to use a non-AST agreement, it's because:

    The situation is essentially that i need to let out three rooms. Initially, two will be let out while the LL (my relative) is still living at the property, hence, they can't be ASTs, but they can be lodger agreements.

    However, when LL moves away (potentially for 2 years) do I have to change the agreements for people or can the third person who takes over LL's bedroom also be a lodger (as per the agreement I mentioned earlier on legalhelpers.co.uk suggests is possible)? However, you indicate that in the eyes of the law whoever's there will be considered AST tenants. That's fine, but:

    My concern is only that when the LL returns after 2 years and moves back into one of the rooms (after asking and giving reasonable notice for the person to leave), where does that leave the other tenants - it seems like it's not possible to have a LL living in a property with tenants on ASTs - so what can be done?

    it's all rather hypothetical, but I want to know WHICH is the best agreement to use.

    regardless of anything, i'll be protecting the deposit and gas-safe-ing the boiler etc, it's more about the specific legal bit.



      Read-up about ground 1 Notices, at least.
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