HB tenant's arrears; she's damaged the premises too

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    hi yes her deposit this protected and she owns 2 months one month at moment and one last year she owns £970.00 she pays £480.00 pm


      what should i do now with tenant after serving a section 8

      hi please can any one give any advice what should i do while i wait for the two weeks go by after i have issued a section 8 on the grounds section 8,12 breach of her contractual tenancy agreemnt for being 2 months in arreas and damaged to the house and do i issue a section 21 as well ,do i contract the t and or do i not i have texted her but she has answered back i do hassle her many thanks


        OP from your previous posts you have given various different dates for this tenancy. Perhaps it would benefit the more knowledgeable on here if you give :-
        - exact dates of AST
        - exact details of S21 issued per your previous threads
        - exact details of dates etc of S8 you have issued.

        I'm sure people will be better able to advise you with this information


          i have sent her two section8 letters by post from 2 x post offices the letters states the grounds (8)
          she this in rent arrears by 2 months her nb clovers her rent of £480.00 pm ,she owns £480.00 last year 14/1/10 and her rent has been suspended from the 10 jan 2011,ihave contacted the council but she has never been in tourch, she has signed a shorthold tenancy 6month ,agreement on the 27 september 2010. the other grounds 12 she this in breach of her tenancy agreement i have listed them under each section of her t agreement ,as fellows Section 3.3
          1 Damaged PVC front door(Needs replacement ) 2.Damaged interior doors x2 3.Damaged interior wall,4 Damaged light fitting she has pulled off the pendent and left bare wires showing.5 Back bed room interior door missing.6 Interfering with the gas boiler .7 Damaged back gates (missing) 8 Damaged gutters and down pipes
          section 3.9
          she has failed to inform me of any damages to the house
          section 3.32
          she has a dog and she did not get any consent from me to have the dog
          section 3.28
          front gardren full of rubbish,back yard full of rubbish and dog mess
          section 3.40
          She has defaced the exterior of the building by painting st georges flags all over the front of the building for the worldcup she did not get any permission from me to do this
          the interior rooms lounge & kitchen have been decorated i was not consented about this and never gave permission.
          section 3.41 light bulbs need replacement in kitchen
          i have photos of the items above ,i have not issued a section 21 yet ,do i need to do that,many thanks for your help


            Personally YES, issue a Section 21 asap but ensure dates are correct and that Deposit is protected. If your Sec 8 fails you have the Sec 21 no reason for possession route open to you. But please do wait for others with more knowledge to reply.


              what date should i put on the section 21 she signed the agreement on th27 september and she pays monthly
              thanks peter


                help with section21

                hi what date should i put on the section21 she signed the argeement on the 27 september 2010 she pays monthly and i have issued her a section 8 aswell


                  Need more info:

                  What date did the fixed term commence (dd/mm/yy)? (not necessarily the same as the date the contract was signed)
                  What is the length of the term?
                  Did T pay a deposit and, if so, is it protected and have you provided T with the prescribed information?


                    Originally posted by westminster View Post
                    Need more info:

                    What date did the fixed term commence (dd/mm/yy)? (not necessarily the same as the date the contract was signed)
                    What is the length of the term?
                    Did T pay a deposit and, if so, is it protected and have you provided T with the prescribed information?
                    hi the fixed term commenced 27 September 2010 the lenght of term this 6 months
                    yes she has paid a deposit and it this protected and i have provide the t with the information
                    many thanks for your help


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                        Almost one in ten private landlords with Universal Credit claimants have experienced at least one tenant running into difficulties paying their rent.

                        That's not good odds....
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                        Being as I am in receipt of 6 benefits (old) I do wonder why some landlords indulge in such discrimination.

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                        It would be different now, your sister owns half the house, and if you're living in all of it, she can claim rent for the half she owns.
                        She wouldn't be making money from your mother's estate, which has now been divided up.

                        She won't succeed unless there's some other circumstance...
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                        Thanks for your reply's and time , it's a difficult situation especially when it's a sibling trying to get more money out of me.
                        She wants 50% of the current rental value from me for herself which is clearly making a profit from my mother's estate which there was never any agreement made between...
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                        The problem with capitalism is that, eventually, other people run off with your money.
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