Tenants not paid rent - vacated - no forwrding address

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    Tenants not paid rent - vacated - no forwrding address


    I had to tenants - who have vacated the premises - they did not pay the rent for the last two quarters and I have had to cover the cost of repairs.

    The address I have on record for them seems to be of no use - any letters I send to the address come back saying no one of that name is present there.

    What can I do?


    Unless you know where the ex-T works, use a tracing agent. I believe they charge around £75 and some do a no-find-no-fee deal. Just google "tracing agents".

    When you find ex-T, send a letter before action detailing the money owed, giving a deadline to pay (send letter with a free certificate of posting to prove delivery). Then, assuming they don't pay, issue a claim against them using Money Claim Online.


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