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    Non-payment of rent

    I let my property through a letting agent. When I looked in my bank account and found no payment of December's rent I phoned the agent. They told me it had not been received and that he would not have had a chaser "because of Christmas". The rent was due on 20 December 2009. I find this ridiculous. I have now received a letter from the agent saying they cannot release my account because my tenant has not paid and as it is covered by insurance if they do not receive a payment they will make a claim.

    What does this mean, does it mean the insurance will pay the missing rent?

    This is the a-hole tenant with the cat allergy that caused me no end of expense (which I now owe the agent) when he moved in on 20 November, I posted about it. So we did all we could to make things good for him and yet he hasn't paid December's rent.

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    I have now received a letter from the agent saying they cannot release my account.
    Please explain: release what?
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      I think she means they cant pay the rent over as it has not been received.

      Your LA has a duty to chase T's rent regardless of whether its xmas, easter or there is insurance on the property. Ive paid my clients pretty much every day over the holiday period and have allowed a few days leeway for rents to come in so theres no excuse!

      Phone your LA every day till they get fed up with you and sort it out!


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