Lodger in bad arrears - landlady needs advice

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    Well done on being assertive


      well done you! ( and fingers crossed the thursday payments go well for you)
      i`m actually a tenant, having " issues" with my landlord, i have been told here today that i am in the wrong.. which is cool, as now i will resolve the matter and get on with tommorow,
      you are a very caring person, and sadly this lady has taken full advantage of that.. must be a horrible situtation for you

      wish you all the best for the future



        Well I have soime good news to share!

        For the past 3 weeks she has kept her promise and paid £140 each week. (Her rent is £70 and so that is £70 off her arrears.) I just hope she keeps it up till she is up to date and I can take command once again like maybe insist on a DD or increase her deposit.

        I again thank everyone for their moral and practical support. I do realise that 90% of this situation is my fault and I vow to be stricter in the future.


          Very good news!


            Very pleased for you


              Chocolate cake all round then!
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                But not in Australia [you knew that I'd say that, didn't you?]
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                  Glad to hear on your success
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