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    Weird Rental Predicament


    I find my self in a bit of a weird predicament. I recently received a letter and request from a law firm, which is acting on behalf of some receivers who are currently called in by the property management company my LL has his mortgage/rent with.
    As it turns out my currently landlord doesn’t seem to have been paying his mortgage/rent on my apartment, and as such the lawyers sent a letter to the household to try and get some details about our current rent situation, and to reiterate that I shouldn’t be dealing with my ‘former’ landlord – news to me as I hadn’t received any notice of this before hand (but at the start of my contract my landlord was coming around and emptying the letterboxes for all items which weren’t addressed to anyone in the apartments – so it’s possible something was in there or happened before I moved in). Luckily for me I have a friend who lives opposite who works for a law firm.
    She got some advice for me, and told me (on advice from a more knowledgeable colleague), that since I was going to move out soon anyway to comply with the letter and supply them with a copy of my rental contract and answer some of their other questions given in the letter.

    I did so, but this has now left me in a weird situation of not knowing what to do.
    Do I still pay rent to my ‘current/former’ landlord (who seems to be avoid different situations at the moment, doesn’t seem to be paying the bills, (especially water since I have that one at home) etc) and who I have been, sort of, imformed not to deal with anymore? Who do I give notice to that I am moving out of the apartment at the end of Jan 2010? If I do pay rent, but not to the landlord who do I claim my initial deposit back off, of can I just use the deposit to cover my rent until I move out (given that I doubt my LL has deposited the money in a DPS, and as such wouldn’t be able to give me the deposit back within the required time limit – based on former performance and knowledge that a few other former renters have yet to receive their deposits back yet – or if they have that it took a few months for it to happen)?

    I hope that was clear, and thanks for the advice.

    Your true L is still the owner, albeit his mortgagee has appointed a Receiver. Demand that the solicitors confirm the position- it's possible for the Receiver to collect rent due from T (you) to L (the defaulting mortgagor) but you need to press the solicitors for an authoritative statement.
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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      I agree with Jeffrey that you are safe in accepting an assurance from a solicitor. Otherwise, you should be looking to see the mortgage deed and appointment of receiver.


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