Can L's Agent insist on compulsory Contents Insurance?

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    Can L's Agent insist on compulsory Contents Insurance?

    I am just about to take on a 6 month AST through a local agent. The agent is providing a 'Let Only' service for the landlord. I haven't seen or signed a Tenancy Agreement yet but the agent has just rung to say that as part of the agreement, tenants must have contents insurance. They then went on to say they would quote for a policy that would cover my own belongings as well as anything the landlord leaves in the house. Two questions:

    1. Is this clause reasonable?

    2. I don't think I have an insurable interest in my landlord's property (contents) so is it legal to be insuring it?

    Thoughts please

    You cannot be made to insure unless you have an insurable interest, as you say. If the AST will impose on you a liability for L's F&F, that should suffice to evidence your interest- but I doubt that a clause demanding that you insure via A's agency with insurer would be a good idea.

    As to 'reasonable', this is not an easily-defined word! Maybe the 1999 Regulations would apply, maybe not.
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      Many thanks Jeffrey


        It saves Ls from being sued in the event of, say, a burst water pipe damaging T's contents.


          I would innocently ask to see a copy of the LL's draft tenancy agreement, to check this was a bona fides requirement.

          While it would be extremely unusual, you do have a legal interest in insuring your LL's property (as well as your own) given you have (or will have) possession of it for the term of the tenancy.


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