T friend's L is suing her as she let me stay temporarily

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    Originally posted by teeps View Post
    this also brings to mind an occasion when I rented a house in devon on an AST, next door to where I lived myself and the tenants started to do holiday swaps and I found myself living next door to strangers for the whole summer whilst my tenants were staying all over the world. it took a while to convince them that this was not on!
    So, teeps, for the benefit of mind the gap, what can you tell us about next door? Were its official tenants exchanging with UK Nationals or 'Others'?
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      now now boys! rather than be concerned about the possibility people from overseas holidaying next door to me,I was more concerned about the procession of big hairy dogs that kept coming with the holidaymakers, considering it was a no pets policy let! also the tenants "rented" my property out to others and went to stay with his son!


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