Rent overpayment refund if tenancy agreement ends early?

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    Originally posted by Ex Tenant View Post
    Just wanted to say thanks again for your advice. It gave me the confidence to stand my ground and I have finally received a cheque from my old landlord for the over-payment of rent!
    Well done; perseverance reaps rewards sometimes!
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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    • Reply to Served S21 (Going to hearing) alongside a CCJ for 3 months arrears
      by MW1985
      Judges do review cases before the hearing. I have personal experience of one case where a letter came from the Judge's desk asking for a copy of a piece of evidence. Only a partial snippet was submitted in a bundle and the Judge's clerk wrote back saying the Judge requested the full document....
      01-10-2020, 13:11 PM
    • Served S21 (Going to hearing) alongside a CCJ for 3 months arrears
      by EeZee
      S21 overview
      Submitted a S21 to the courts in August, to hear that the defendant posted a defence 7th September and not within the 14 day deadline provided. Despite this, I was shocked to see that the defence still stands and that the judge has called us into a hearing.

      Reading online...
      29-09-2020, 14:30 PM
    • Reply to Ex-Landlord won’t budge on deposit deductions
      by jpkeates
      I think I agree with you.
      It depends where the property is, though, because decorating costs vary around the country....
      01-10-2020, 12:59 PM
    • Ex-Landlord won’t budge on deposit deductions
      by Bellaby
      Hi me and my friend where co-tenants in a 2 bed flat for the past 15 months. The flat was fine and the landlord was ok, a little rude once to my friend who is Polish and it took him 3 months to complete a simple toilet repair but other than that he was fine.
      On checking out we hired a professional...
      01-10-2020, 10:45 AM
    • Reply to Tenant in Prison
      by hybrice
      I think you're referring to Section 8 Ground 14, which is discretionary and not where I'd hang my argument. Better to go in on arrears as it's a mandatory ground, obviously also cite ground 14 into the mix to make it more convincing, assuming you have proof that is the case - if you don't, it would...
      01-10-2020, 12:49 PM
    • Tenant in Prison
      by Smileypjd
      Could I ask people their opinion on a predicament we find ourselves in.

      I started taking care of a small portfolio of lettings on behalf of my father. They are all within a courtyard setting on his farm.
      Arranging tenants and collecting rent is taken...
      30-09-2020, 09:09 AM
    • Reply to Ex-Landlord won’t budge on deposit deductions
      by Bellaby
      I mean I offered to pay him £100 for the wall and £60 for the other bits. Also my contract hadn’t actually finished when I went to do the last few bits it finished the day after, we just moved out early to allow time for everything. I think £160 for a toilet seat 3 bulbs and 2 small walls to paint...
      01-10-2020, 12:29 PM
    • Reply to Ex-Landlord won’t budge on deposit deductions
      by jpkeates
      I agree with this, although the landlord is also being a bit unreasonable.

      The walls could be contentious.
      On the one (tenant favouring) extreme, the landlord was obviously going to paint the whole place anyway, so there was no loss linked to the damage done by the tenant. So there...
      01-10-2020, 11:44 AM
    • Reply to Tenant moves his girlfriend in
      by jpkeates
      I meant that the landlord couldn't charge the tenant for the specific things I was suggesting - I wasn't suggesting novating the agreement - novating a single person tenancy into a joint tenancy agreement is likely to be difficult.

      However, I was also wrong - the landlord can charge the...
      01-10-2020, 11:39 AM
    • Tenant moves his girlfriend in
      by Hollywood
      Hi all, I've searched for similar thread but didn't succeed.
      My Tenant of 14 months, now on a SPT, has moved his girlfriend in. I'm ok with arrangement, it was mentioned by him when he first moved in but they split and nothing happened until now. He has been a good tenant so far & kindly...
      30-09-2020, 14:12 PM