L served Break Clause notice; must T still pay rent?

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  • L served Break Clause notice; must T still pay rent?

    I've just received my 2 months notice to move out now that I've reached a 6 month break clause.

    I wasn't expecting it, and really don't want to have to leave the area, so have already been to view the only other house available to rent on our street.

    Am I now obliged to stay and pay for all of my notice period?

    I would much rather just sign for the next place and get it all over with. There's no way I could afford two places at once, and don't want to miss my chance with the other house - there isn't much to rent around here!

    Additionally, the £200 check out inventory seems a very excessive for a 1 bed house, can I normally arrange to get this done cheaper??


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    1. When did the letting begin, and how long was its fixed term?
    2. Please state the full break-clause wording from the Letting Agreement.
    3. If L is complying with it strictly, you probably have to pay rent until you leave.
    4. We cannot yet tell whether you can leave (and end rent liability) early.
    JEFFREY SHAW, solicitor [and Topic Expert], Nether Edge Law*
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      Yes you do have to pay the rent.

      You may still have time to give 1 months notice.

      As Jeffrey says we need the exact date (DD/MM/YYYY) the tenancy began and when the LL gave you notice and what day he says he wants you to quit.

      Also as Jeffrey says what is the wording of the break clause as it is possible that it is not valid.


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