Being guarantor on rented property

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  • Being guarantor on rented property

    I have just seperated from my partner and we have a 3 year old child.

    Because she will be claiming benefits and wants to rent privately, she needs a guarantor.

    Her parents are unable to do it because her mum does not work and her dad is self employed without an accountant.

    This means there is huge pressure on me to do it.

    I do not know whether this seperation is permanent or temporary at the moment but that is the least of my worries.

    The main concern is to get my child into a nursery and registered into a school because time is fast running out (only 3 weeks left for school registration).

    I have spoken to a few estate agents about the rules of being guarantor and they are different depending on the estate agent or landlord.

    Some say the guarantor is needed on the whole term of residency, others say the guarantor is only needed for the first 6 months.

    And some say that if the guarantor ever has to be used then the contract is automatically terminated after the 6 month contract.

    I dont want to risk being in the situation where I could be paying my ex's rent for the rest of her life and not be able to afford to rent somewhere of my own.

    Can anyone offer some much needed urgent advice on this situation / mess.

    Is there any other way of getting a guarantor - someone mentioned the DSS but I couldnt find anything on the internet about it.

    My ex's dad is in the process of getting his accounts sorted out, so he could potentially be gaurantor in 2 or 3 months.

    Would it be possible to get a legal document written up so that he takes over as guarantor when his accounts have been sorted out ?

    To complicate things my ex is moving 90 miles away where we used to live and where we all want to go back to live.

    I plan to move back there as soon as I can find a job (I am currently working in a professional career, things just havent worked out as expected with the relocation and new job).

    I have been to see a solicitor who bascially said do not be guarantor.

    But this means my child suffers as a result and that we dont get to live in the area we want to (90 miles away), whether we get back together or stay seperate.

    There has to be some way around this mess, does anyone have any experience or knowledge of this ?

    I would greatly appreciate any help, im in a desperate mess.

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