New windows- Vents needed as we have gas bolier?

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  • New windows- Vents needed as we have gas bolier?

    Hi every one! i hope you can help!!

    Basically i rent a cottage and currently the landlord is fitting new double glazed windows and doors. The windows DO NOT have the vents to allow air through as we have a gas boiler which is run by two gas bottles outside the property. What are the regulations according to the vents/gas etc as he is already half way through fitting them!!

    Many thanks in advance!!

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    I'm not an expert, hopefully one will be along shortly but my understanding, which is broadly based on common sense, is that if the boiler has a balanced flue ie draws air in from outside, burns gas/air and then exhausts the gas outside then you don't need vents.

    If your boiler does not have a balanced flue &/or you have a gas fire with open flame that requires air to work then you need a vent. If suitable sized vents are not built into the windows then a wall vent would need to be installed.


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      If it's a 'modern' water heater, then it probably has a CO safety cutout built into it. That would cause it to shut down if there was any buildup of gases. Not something I would want to rely on though. Insist on a wall vent at least.
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        I'm not an expert either, but I concur with STC. Basically to be sure, you need to consult the installation instructions for your boiler to obtain the ventilation requirements. Modern boilers are normally the balanced flue type but it's certainly not something you can just assume.

        Try the boiler manufacturer's website if you don't have the instructions.

        That said, if the original windows didn't have any specific vents, and if you have a valid landlord's gas certificate for the property, it would be logical that any replacement unvented windows would be OK too.

        JTA - it certainly wouldn't be appropriate to demand a wall vent if the boiler is indeed a balanced-flue model!


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          Thanks guys for your quick responses!

          I can see what you mean by the windows before and we have got a certificate so we should be ok!

          I haven't got a clue about boiler but it is a new one only 8 months old so should be up to regulations!! It is a Valliant eco-tech if anyone knows off hand if it has its own balanced flu!!!

          Thanks again everyone


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            Check it out on this website for installers of the Vaillant Eco-tec:

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              If the landlord is fitting double glazing by using a recognised double glazing supplier, then a surveyor will have drawn up the specification for the double glazing and ensured that the new installation complies with all relevant regulations - including ventillation. But - if he is doing it himself.......

              Any information given in this post is based on my personal experience as a landlord, what I have learned from this and other boards and elsewhere. It is not to be relied on. Definitive advice is only available from a Solicitor or other appropriately qualified person.


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                I replaced the windows in a property I rent and after a while the tenant (who was a problem one) got the local council building inspector round as they were complaining about mould in the bathroom.

                The mould was caused buy not opening the bathroom window whilst bathing/showering (window mechanism was broken but tenant did not inform me as they were 2 months behind with rent), any how the building inspector insisted the window be fixed and mechanical extractor fitted which was done.

                He also insisted a mechanical extractor be fitted in the lounge as he said the trickle vent was not adequate. The heating is all electrical, no gas and the windows installed by fensa approved supplier who wrote a letter stating the trickle vent was fine for that sized room.

                Anyhow long story short the dozy building inspector would not back down on the fact he thought the lounge should have mechanical extraction so being a bungalow if was reasonably cheap and easy to install. After this was fitted the tenant then complained it was noisey and they wouldn't be using it. Go figure!

                From what I understand trickle vents cost a couple of quid per window so why would they not be installed?


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                  So when you've got your trickle vents, they allow as much air recycling as the original sash windows did.

                  DG is a waste of money.


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                    a valiant eco tech is a room sealed boiler with a balanced flue and as STC says needs no further room ventilation.
                    Not sure if your LL is aware that replacing windows is notifiable work as far as BC are concerned.


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