Adding extra conditions in an AST

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  • Adding extra conditions in an AST

    Hi, I'm a newbie in the world of HMOs so forgive me for any silly questions that I put across.

    I'm in the process of drawing up ASTs for some tenants and want to put in a specific clause within the contract to explicitly state that tenancy will not include parking space within the driveway of the property. Is this a silly thing to state in an AST?

    The tenants have been renting bedsits for a few years and have had to apply for parking permits to park as there was no dropped kerb outside the property to allow for parking on the property driveway. Now i've bought the property I am in the middle of applying for permission to have the kerb dropped as I want to rent out the driveway (the property is in central london). I don't want to present tenants getting any ideas of thinking that they are automatically entitled to park their cars there!

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    It is not unusual for such clauses to be included in ASTs, but if you stand to make money out of renting out the spaces, it would be in your interests to pay for such a clause to be drafted by a lawyer/legal drafter to ensure it is completely watertight.

    You should also draw your tenants' attention to the fact that the drive does not form part of the property except in terms of pedestrian access to the house/flat.
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      thanks mindthegap, I think i will get someone to draft it for me.

      This is a fantastic forum!


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