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  • Unauthorised tenant - advice needed...


    Looking for some advice. Have 2 students sharing 2 bed flat - they are here on visas and are sponsored by their government which all checks out. Have found out that one of them now has his brother staying there too.

    The brother does not appear to work/study - don't know how he supports himself or if he has a valid visa.

    Briefly spoke to them this morning and found that he has been there 3 months and plans to stay another 6. He is obviously not on the lease and lease states no subletting. They are currently about 2 months into a 6 month AST. Any suggestions on the best way to handle this? Will be going to speak to them tonight

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    Well...if he is staying as a guest, there is very little you can do! And if they are taking money from him it is going to be very difficult to prove this. I would just put up, as you may have very little choice, and evict at the end of the fixed term.
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