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  • Grants for new Landlords

    I just received planning permission to allow conversion of an old industrial building into 2 flats with the intension of letting the properties.

    Does anyone have experience of this?

    Are there grants available for bringing vacant building back in to use as residential? either from the local authority or elsewhere.


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    You need to research this with your local authority and bodies like English Heritage. Grants come and go so it's pretty much getting in at the right time.
    I think you will find that there are some tax conssessions available for converting commercial premises to residential but you will probably find there's quite strict criteria to meet - search the Inland Revenue site.


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      i do know that if you bring property back into residential use you can claim some vat back, so speak to the vat man, also found this info on energy effieciency grants,

      hope that helps..


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        The Empty Homes officer for the local authority has left a message for me to call him back.

        It certainly looks like the LA are interested in talking. I know they are keen to make private housing available for their tenants. Possibly they may offer a grant on the basis I enter in to a long term agreement with them say 3-5 years.

        This is all pure speculation until I have spoken to him tomorrow. If I carry out the refurbishment myself, I will have no problem finding tenants. On the other hand as the property is just a 'shell' it would be an attractive proposition for the council to bring it into a habitable condition.

        Has anyone purchased a property handed the keys over to the LA for refurbishment and then taken a secured rent from them?


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