Which Court form to use after serving s.8 Notice?

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  • Which Court form to use after serving s.8 Notice?


    I have a tenant who is 3 months in arrears. I tried my hardest to help when whe was having problems and even did an arrears plan with her which she signed and admitted to the arrears and agreed to pay them back at an agreed amount. I said if she defaulted I would have no option but to evict her. Well I never received any money and have still not!

    I issued a section 8 notice to her with details of all rent owed, etc., which runs out today (2 weeks). My main question is that I am unsure as to which court form to use.

    I have an N5, and N5B and an N119

    ... please help as I am unsure as which to use. My letting agent said I should use the N5 and N119

    Many thanks

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    Use PCOL

    you can do this online via PCOL. Easy to fill in the details, pay online £100 instead of £150 if you submit on paper. You should also get a notification of hearing date immediately, or shortly after.

    If you decide to go paper route, N5 and N119
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      thank you so much for your advice. that is a better option online. tc


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