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  • Attempted break in - help pls


    I've heard from my tenant that someone attempted to break in to the property I let to them. Apparently they did not force or break the lock but still managed to open the front door and step inside before realising the tenants were in and running off.

    This seems really strange as locks were changed when tenant prior to this vacated.

    Tenants have asked that the locks be changed. Would my buildings insurance cover this or would it not be worth claiming due to excess.

    If I choose not to claim on insurance am I still duty bound to inform them of this incident? Tenants did call the police out.

    Also can anyone recommend how to find a safe, honest locksmith in Middlesex area and how much is a fair price to pay to have locks changed and a chain put on door?

    Many thx in advance.

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    I'd recommend a double cylinder deadlock without a twist knob which cannot be opened without a key. But for safety's sake you need to keep a key near the door in a special glass 'break in case of fire' case.

    Sorry can't help with the other questions you had.


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