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    Last Day Of Tenancy

    I have two tenants who are due to move out of my property on saturday after there 6 month tenancy comes to an end. I dont want to face my tennants as things between us are at boiling point. So i have requested that they leave the property in a clean and tidy condition and they post the keys back through the door and text me when the have done this so then i can instruct one of my employees to go round within 72 of them leaving to check the house.

    Am i legaly allowed to not be present on their last day, or do i have to sign off their tenancy and inspect the property with them? Am i breaching any part of the housing act?

    What are you doing about any inventory - ie, was one carried out at the start of the tenancy; is one being carried out at the end and if so by whom?

    If you hope to claim deductions from any damage deposit (likely to be contested due to your poor relationship with the tenants) that might be an issue if the check-out inventory is not being done independently and you have not given the tenants the opportunity to be present when it is carried out. No legal obligations though.


      I had a similar situation , I paid a local agent to do only a checkout
      (I don't usually use agents )it pays to have knowledge of a few in the area as then you may be able to negotiate them just doing the odd service for you .


        I don’t like your idea on how to end the tenancy. I recommend that you still turn up.

        You need to thoroughly examine the property when the tenants are still present. Go through the inventory pointing out dirty/missing/damaged/extra items. (I hope you and the tenants signed an inventory at the commencement of the tenancy.)

        Read the meters with the tenants. Ask the tenants which utility companies they currently use. Contact the utility companies and put your name or any incoming tenant’s name on the bills (water/electricity/gas/council tax).

        Make sure the tenants have not left any belongings or rubbish.

        Ask how they want their deposit returned (collect cash/cheque from your home, bank transfer, cheque in the post).

        Definitely take a large silent person to be a witness.

        Take a deep breath. Be professional.


          To answer your questions, provided you are happy to return the deposit to them intact then you do not need to be there.

          Personally, I think you would be nuts for reasons listed above! But I appreciate there may be other over-riding issues.


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