Landlord used my repayment ID to take deposit

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  • Landlord used my repayment ID to take deposit

    I moved out of my flat last week. My landlord and I agreed that I would receive 205 of my deposit back. We each had a witness present for this.

    We filled out the paper DPS form and we each had to include our repayment ID. He took the form to mail it in.

    Today I received an email from DPS stating that my landlord would be receiving the entire deposit and I would receive nothing. I called DPS and they said that a paper form was never filed. My landlord had taken my repayment ID and logged on to the DPS site and claimed the entire deposit.

    I have already left the UK. Is there anything that I can do about this now? DPS says it is not their problem and they will not put a hold on the payment. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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