Doors between kitchen/toilet? Glass shelf in shower-room?

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  • Doors between kitchen/toilet? Glass shelf in shower-room?

    Ho folks, two Qs:
    In my house which I am about to let out (I am moving away, so my first let) I have the only bathroom/toilet though the kitchen. There was a separating door which I have removed since I've been there, but which I believe is a building reg, that there must be more than one door between kitchen and toilet (or something like that).

    When I let my house, do I need to replace it, or does this sort of building reg not apply?

    Similarly I have a glass shelf in my shower which I understand is not really advisable for a shower in case the person slips. I will take it down, but out of interest am I legally obliged to? What regulations am I meant to act to in this case?

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    the enforcement period or building regs is only a year. After this they are fairly high and dry and can't do ought. Well they could try for an injunction (I think) but I understand that no local authority has ever done this.

    This said - don't leave the property 'weird' as it might put off potential tenants or limit your market. I think downstairs bathrooms are always a bit of a negative myself, although it depends on how common they are and that is only my personal opinion. So to attract the likes of me you need it as separate as possible from the kitchen.


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      I think building regs have changed since you checked. AFAIK only one door is required between kitchen and toilet, though the toilet must contain a sink.


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