One member's doubts re using a Bradford housing charity

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    One member's doubts re using a Bradford housing charity

    Just thought i would let people know to be careful if renting properties to charities.

    The Keyhouse in bradford and keighley is a housing charity which rents property from private landlords and then rents these out to younger tenants and those who are in need of help.

    They are very bullying in how they go about their business and when you get a house back it is highly damaged. Carpets always need replacing and the curtains have usually been stolen.

    They have a minimal compensation scheme (£100-200) and give you back the house in a filthy state. One house had blood splatters on every wall as a user had been living there.

    Be careful when renting to any of these charities. They are happy to discard you once the agreement has come to an end.

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        i have the photos to prove how disgusting the properties are when they come back to me.

        All i want to do is let people know of my experience. If i can help other landlords avoid the pitfalls i came across then i will have helped someone. If you can get a proper guarantee that you will be compensated for damages and losses then renting to these organisations will be ok.

        I stupidly trusted them to be fair with me.


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        • Reply to Lodgers left without notice
          by Stew
          Try and look at this with a positive angle, at least they have left the house allowing you to re-let it when you can. They are not sat in situ and refusing to pay rent which would be far worse.

          I was always told by another landlord there is no point chasing people that leave and don't pay...
          03-04-2020, 17:31 PM
        • Lodgers left without notice
          by hoolaholla
          I have 2 student lodgers, I am not at the property at the moment and their rent day recently passed and neither paid rent. When I enquired it transpires they have both vacated the property and are refusing to pay any further rent, their tenancy does not officially end until July. I have a 1 month deposit...
          03-04-2020, 16:52 PM
        • Reply to Lodgers left without notice
          by hoolaholla
          That isn't terribly helpful advice. I am enquiring as to my legal position and not your personal and moral opinion....
          03-04-2020, 17:29 PM
        • Reply to Lodgers left without notice
          by hamilton
          It sounds to me that you are financially over-extended, if you do not have the money in the bank to cover such eventualities. I suggest you sell up, and readjust your expectation of what life owes you.
          03-04-2020, 17:24 PM
        • Reply to Lodgers left without notice
          by hoolaholla
          I am confused by your response, are you suggesting that demanding another 4 months rent as per our agreement is the wrong thing to do? Why is it wrong if this was our agreement?
          EDIT: This was in reply to Hamilton who deleted his reply....
          03-04-2020, 17:23 PM
        • Reply to Lodgers left without notice
          by hoolaholla
          I was living there, but I have returned to the family home due to coronavirus. The house is now unoccupied, its alright for them to deny their responsibilities but I have a mortgage and without such a luxury. It is so unfair.
          03-04-2020, 17:12 PM
        • Reply to COVID-19: Court hearing section 8 vacated
          by Stew
          Given that not much can be done court wise re eviction this tenant's issues clearly had nothing to do with Covid could the landlord at least raise a money claims via the online service?

          Assuming that the tenant does not have a valid concern with you as a landlord and the eviction would...
          03-04-2020, 17:10 PM
        • COVID-19: Court hearing section 8 vacated
          by syrbag
          A court hearing planned for 23 March for rent arrears vacated, tenant 5 months without paying rent, rent paid 2 months in advance. tenant not picking calls and not taking advantage of the COVID-19 situation. anyone in a similar situation and what is the best way to proceed?

          03-04-2020, 10:56 AM
        • Reply to Lodgers left without notice
          by jpkeates
          I don't know if you have a legally binding agreement or not.

          If they signed a contract saying they would stay there for a period, they may be in breach of that contract.
          However, you would be entitled to compensation for any loss, which seems to be nil, it's very unlikely that the...
          03-04-2020, 17:09 PM
        • Reply to Lodgers left without notice
          by hoolaholla
          But where do I stand legally? Whatever the current crisis, we still have a legally binding agreement, no?
          03-04-2020, 17:03 PM