When do I have to give Landlord months notice?

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    When do I have to give Landlord months notice?


    I am in the process of purchasing my first property and am currently renting, my tenancy date runs from the 25th of each month and I am no longer inside the fixed period so I understand I need to give 1 months notice.

    Do I have to give this notice on the rental date of 25th or can I give it at any date during the month (say the 30th)? Its just I dont want to pay any unnecessary rent but I also dont want to find myself homeless if the mortgage fell through!!

    I hope that made some sort of sense, and thank you for any advice anyone can give me!

    If you have a good relationship with your landlord I'd suggest you discuss your situation with him explaining that you are going to move to your new house soon but you can't guarantee the exact date etc.

    So basically you give him a full month notice and ensure that if it was delayed a little he'd be fine with it as long as you pay the rent for the time you're in there.

    If you have a bad relationship with him then simply give 1 month notice and hope that all goes well with your house.
    I believe the month notice should be given before the rent is due so you give at least 1 full month notice that you will leave on the last day of a period at the latest. Of course if I'm wrong and expert will correct me on that one.


      Thanks Jennifer, we do have a fairly good relationship with him and he's usually quite happy that we dont tend to bother him and keep his flat in a good condition, so maybe I will just have a chat like you say and see what he says.



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