Letting agency wrongly took my deposit.

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    Letting agency wrongly took my deposit.

    Hi everyone. I really need some help here. My situation is as follows :

    Rental arrangement for 2 bed shared apartment:
    Tenant 1 and tennant 2 Mar 2001 - Mar 2002
    Tenant 1 and tennant 3 Mar 2002 - Mar 2003
    Tenant 1 and myself Mar 2003 - Jan 2006

    I moved into a shared rented apartment on 11th March 2003. I was sharing with tenant 1. When I moved in, a previous tenant (tenant 3) moved out. Tenant 2 had lived in the property for 12 months and was replaced by tenant 3, who lived there also for 12 months, both sharing with tennant 1.

    The letting agency suggested that I should pay tenant 3 the sum of £425 in lieu of a deposit to save paperwork. When they received confirmation from tenant 3 that he had received this money, they sent me a receipt for my deposit.

    I asked for an interim inspection to be carried out on the property in Mar 2003 because I wanted to have the condition of the apartment documented for when my tennancy came to an end. This was carried out when I was not present and I was not asked to sign the report, although I did receive a copy of it 12 months later at my request.

    I also asked for a written contract (rental agreement) from the letting agency in March 2003 so that I could sign it and also receive the signature of the letting agent. This was never provided.

    When I moved out of the apartment in Jan 2006 a final inspection was carried out by an inventory company on behalf of the letting agency. The report from this inspection was compared to the initial inventory(Mar 2001) which took place when tenant 1 and tenant 2 moved into the apartment.

    The letting agency deducted £370 from my deposit of £425 on the basis of this comparison. What steps should I take to get the remaining deposit returned. The flat was not professionally cleaned prior to my moving in, so I am reluctant to concede even a fee for light cleaning.

    Many thanks
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    Should I state that they have no grounds for taking money from my deposit because there was no inventory drawn up when I moved in?

    How long should I give the agency to respond before initiating court action?

    Please, any advice here would be greatly appreciated.


      If they didn't do an inventory when you moved in they have no right to keep your money.

      Write to them, giving 10 days or you will apply to the court. Get the forms ready from here


        Thanks Richie. I will do that right away.


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