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    Disappearing Tenant

    Had / have a tenant (who currently seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth), who ran up £300ish phone bill, which really cheesed off the other 2 sharing the house. They have paid this bill because they don't want to be cut off. He's also not paid his portion of the council tax and regularly helped him self to the others food / fags / money etc.

    Have now found out that just before this bill arrived he got BT to put another phone line directly into his room (without our permission) and it looks like he's run up another bill of around £350 (in a couple of months!!). Do we need to inform BT that he's gone? Should BT have put the line in in the first place?

    The 'tenant' handed his keys over and said he doesn't want to stay there because of the bad atmosphere, all of which he's caused. He's not paid any rent since December. We don't know where he's gone, he won't answer his mobile and we still have most of his stuff in the room. What do we do with it? At the moment it feels like he's using us as free storage! I would like to chuck in all the garden and send a text telling him to come and get it, but am pretty sure that's not legal!

    Will probably need to go down the CCJ line to try and get our money, but I guess we'll have to find him first to inform him of this!

    Anyone have any idea what we can / can't do from here?

    re the phone: sounds like bt's problem to me

    re the ccj: search the forum, lots of advice here about this

    re his stuff: i leave to a more knowlegable power than me to advise on this


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