landlord's new assistant - eager to learn the trade

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  • landlord's new assistant - eager to learn the trade

    hi guys, ive just started working for a landlord with a large portfolio in lancashire and i was wondering if any of you new any good websites or books i could use to learn the business as quickly as possible. my boss specialises in buying properties as cheap as possible and renting them out for as much as possible, usually to hmo's.
    any help or advice would be great.

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    you will find this and other forums a good source of information.

    search the forum for things like 'problem with tenant' and 'help' etc and you will find lot's of useful discussion!

    good luck with your new job

    p.s. for books try 'the buy to let bible' on amazon amongst others


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      Make sure your boss is up-to-date with the new rules on HMO licensing! Plenty of info on here, and on the ODPM website.But be careful- he might find the cost of licensing means he can't afford an assistant!


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        £1,100 in newcastle! any one got higher? i have heard this is the most expensive but i am sure i read about 1400 in nottingham i think it was?


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          And that's per property, so with a large portfolio-


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