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  • Worldlife
    Fortunately in a recent Court case the guarantor forked out!!!

    The Court in England and Wales advised me that any Order they made could not be enforced in Scotland.

    I'm not taking on any more Scottish guarantors and certainly won't take on a guarantor living abroad.

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  • soo
    started a topic foreign guarantor?

    foreign guarantor?


    hope someone can help me with this. i have 2 nice potential tenants, who have recently some to this country. both are actively jobseeking and can prove they are registered with employment agencies, but not yet employed.

    they can provide passports and valid 12 month working visas. they can also provide bank statements, and have offered to pay more upfront than just deposit and 1st months rent, but cannot afford the full 6 months of rent upfront. personal and previous landlord refs can be obtained too.

    they would like to offer parents as guarantors - but as they are not uk based, would this be of any value?

    failing that, how many months' rent would both reasonable and sensible to ask them to pay upfront?

    i don't just want to say no outright to them, as i would be happy to have them as tenants with a guarantor, just not sure about how how useful a foreign guarantor would be. [did search for this and found the v. useful guarantor checklist]

    many thanks


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