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  • AST Main or Principle Home

    As an AST is created for a tenant to use a property as their main or principle home, what type of agreement would be used to rent a residential property to tenant that would only use the property occasionaly?

    (Its not a situation I am in, I am just curious.)

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    You should research holiday lets. When you know the answer please come back and publish your findings.


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      No! it wouldn't be a holiday let but a tenancy at common law!

      It appears the tenant might want it occasionally for a bit of illicit legover as is usually the case, especially if it's male! I come accross this now and again, especially if they appear to have outward signs of wealth! Entertaining a mistress in a cosy little hideway is not uncommon and much cheaper than a hotel. They wouldn't have to book in advance either and could meet on the spur of the moment. Try and find out why they only want to occupy it "occasionally"!

      Q: What's the definition of a mistress?

      A: Something between Mister and matress! Toodle Pip!
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