Making sure a tenant leaves on due date

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  • Making sure a tenant leaves on due date

    I have an assured shorthold tennancy agreement with a houseing benefit claimant.The agreement was renewed for 1 year on 17-12-05.
    After several loud music nights during which culminated with the arrival of police - Feb 18th this year - I gave her written notice to quit on April 22nd (9 weeks notice)

    What court order would I need to reinforce the notice to quit and how would I serve it?

    Many thanks,

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    Clifford - May I suggest you contact your local tenancy relations officer at your local council. They will advise you on the best way to evict this tenant. You will have problems as her agreement does not run out until Dec 06. (Only ever give 6 month tenancies!) The only way you may get her out is for antisocial behaviour, but you will find it almost impossible. Which is why you need expert advice. Their services are free and generally they are great. You could also try That will cost you £10 for one month, however her speciality is rental law and it is well worth the cost. I have used her many times and never regretted it. Very best of luck - I am afraid you will need it!


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      removing tenant

      Thank you Susan 2.


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