Delegated responsibility of a Landlord

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  • Delegated responsibility of a Landlord

    What happens if your landlord uses a management company and the rental property you live in is actually administered by another management company? Does the building management company have obligations to the same level as your landlords management company?

    The reason I ask is that sometimes the water goes off and its a problem with the building, but the contacts and resolution times are a little hard to get hold of / slow in my opinion.

    If the water goes off on a weekend when they're not there, do they have an obligation to get it fixed quickly or only on the next working day?

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    It doesn't matter who manages the property, the landlord is ultimately responsible for the supply and service of utilities.

    Why does the water go off? If it's by the water company then it cannot be the fault of the landlord, but if something is faulty with the supply due to infrastructure of the property, then it is.
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      The water supply goes off due to a fault in the building. It is fixable but requires intervention by the management company & I am concerned about what happens out of hours.

      So if the management company of the building (who are not the same management company for our landlord) are slow then we still have some power by way of our landlords management company?


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