beeing a lodger - legal question

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    beeing a lodger - legal question

    I have suspicion that my landlord is going though my stuff. I can't prove anything until i catch him red handed. I would like to install cctv in my room (web cam and proper software) but is it legal?

    Please help me to get answer as i'm getting paranoid with this guy.

    Erm.......remember there is no "landlord & tenant" relationship as you are merely a lodger and as such could be asked to leave forthwith unless there is a contract at common law between you that sets out the terms of your occupation and you are entitled to a period of notice. It's difficult to do anything unless you perhaps put your own lock on the door, but if you cause damage.....!
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      Hi, thanks for quick reply. Unfortunately there is no contract between us, just verbal agreement. His entering my room without me beeing at home is, in my opinion, a violation of my privacy rights. I feel really uncomfortable as i keep there my bank statement and cheque books etc. I realise that i don't have much to say but getting a proof of him going through my stuff could stop him. The only question is if i can do that by law so he doesn't sue me or i can use that in case of theft. Thanks again.

      I forgot to add that there is no lock and i don't want to ask for it cause it can make him go in a half and me becoming homeless :/


        Why don't you just have a conversation with him along the lines of 'As far as you know, has anyone been in my room while I'm out? I'm pretty sure someone's been going through my stuff and I really don't like it. How would you feel about my putting a lock onthe door?'

        If he says no, or if it happens again, just leave. It seeems to me you will never be able to relax and enjoy your home if it is also his home and you don't trust him.

        Don't know about the legality of a webcam, etc - seems a bit extreme, although I suspect in your own room it woudl not be illegal. Probably better to put anything really valuable in a safe.
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          I had conversation with his wife as he wasn't at home at the time. I asked her if she could ask him not to go to my room as i don't feel comfortable with this but the chat didn't get the result that i wanted. He was in my room few days later to ,,borrow'' earphones without my permission (i smelt cheap cologne on them, BTW i'm a woman). I can't really start anything without having a proof cause now i have only a suspicion. Thanks again for the answers, i feel much more confident.


            Even if you got proof, if you confronted the LL the likely result is being told to leave at short notice and no reference.

            So either get a lockable box and put your private things in it, or find somewhere new to live and this time ask for a lock on your door before you agree to move in. You could also consider getting a portable door alarm if you're worried about anyone coming into your room while you're asleep.

            See link below for more info on lodgers rights (also known as 'excluded occupiers'). I'm not sure whether you have any rights in terms of exclusive possession of your room?



              I have lodgers in my home. I enter their rooms every day mainly to see that no electrical items are left on, for heating/cooling and ventilation purposes, to retrieve dirty cups. If someone were to object to me maintaining their room, they would no longer be my lodger.

              If you are unhappy with the way that your landlord runs his home, then it's time for you to find elsewhere to live.


                As Poppy says, a lodger does not have exclusive possession of their room.
                Although that does not entitle LL to rifle through your stuff.

                I suggest you lock it all in a suitcase with a huge padlock and chain if you dont want to leave.
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                  Poppy i wonder how old are your lodgers so you need to collect dirty dishes from their room and chceck if they turned heating off? Isn't it easier to tell them to do that?

                  What about common sense giving the lodger a bit of privacy? You know the credit of trust?

                  Never mind, it's your way. It seems that beeing a lodger is rubbish. Luckily my nightmare will end soon. I'll rent a flat till the end of the year. I just need to suffer for few more months. I will install CCTV in my room and if my suspicion will be true I'll get my man to sort it out And if it comes to valuables yesterday i packed them to my car Thanks everyone for answers xx


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