Tenant installed smartcard gas meter without consent

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    See page 8.

    Also OFGEM have been getting their knickers in a twist (and rightly so) about the greater cost of pre payment meters. I can perfectly understand a prospective tenant being put off by one.


      Originally posted by fthl View Post
      But the fact that it says there that you 'may need to pay off any outstanding balance first' implies that this is referring to an existing customer (and why would that person have any 'outstanding balance' on a prepayment metered property, unless it related to an earlier period, at which point he was presumably compelled to have the prepayment meter installed?). I really don't see it's likely that a new tenant would have to pay for its removal, unless they themselves have a poor credit rating.


        For the avoidance of doubt, a clause such as follows should be within the tenancy agreement:

        The Tenant shall not change or cause to be changed any meter from credit to pre-payment card without informing the Landlord; where any change is made shall arrange for a credit meter to be re-installed at the end of the tenancy. Should the Tenant fail to have a credit meter re-installed at the end of the tenancy, the Landlord shall be entitled to reasonable costs for arranging this.
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          I'd say:
          a. "...without first informing the Landlord in writing..."; and
          b. amend that 'where' bit so that it reads "; and if any such change is made the Tenant shall arrange..."
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