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  • Electrical check of rented property

    I have let out a property for four years now (a two bedroom house) and have never had an electrical check carried out. Is it the law to have this done and if so, how often should it be done? My agents have said it isn't essential, only that the annual gas check is. Can anyone clarify this for me?

    Thank you.

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    This is a regular topic on this forum; you'll find plenty about it if you search the archives.

    Basically - yes, your agent is absolutely right there is no legal requirement to have any electrical testing done. Having said that, if a tenant got electrocuted in your property and it was found to be due to faulty wiring of some sort, then you would be very much at fault, so it's in your interests to have what's known as a 'Periodic Inspection Report' carried out every few years.


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      You can download an article from here


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