Deposit and reasonable wear and tear

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    Deposit and reasonable wear and tear

    Can someone explain what is defined as "reasonable wear and tear"

    I had been renting an unfurnished property for three years, before I ended the tenancy I wrote to the managing agent and asked what is reasonable wear and tear after three years as their expectations must be different to that of someone had rented a property for six months.

    I had a letter back saying to ensure paintwork was cleaned as well as the carpets.

    Have moved out and they are saying that the whole flat needs painting as it is not in as new condition as when I moved in, so how does reasonable wear and tear come into it. I had painted most of the flat before moving out and it looked good however they are saying its not to the same standard.

    Also despite using a carpet cleaning company from the Yellow Pages that had been trading for 18 years they are saying its not to their high standard, surely they should provide a list of approved suppliers when a tenant moves in.

    So my question is: what should their expectations be after three years of tenancy regrading the condition of paintwork etc, surely it should not be that same as a six month let? I am preparing to fight them in the county court on the basis that the contract was unfair as it did not allow for reasonable wear and tear and also the letter I received said I only had to ensure that painted surfaces are clean.

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    How much of an adverse affect can this have on a tenant?
    I've got a tenant who's playing the system, waiting for their eviction and CCJ
    What adverse affect can a bankruptcy order have over a CCJ on a tenant?...
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    People will have to start paying a wage people can live on.

    And if there are fewer people there, there's less support needed....
    16-08-2022, 14:59 PM
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    Looking at the news today (similar to yesterday and the day before), they are talking about combined energy bills of 4-5k a year...... by April 2023. There are many properties up north where the combined rental per annum is between 6-7k....... that is insane.

    Could we have a situation...
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    by DoricPixie
    No teachers, no nurses, no care workers, no one collecting the rubbish and recycling? Who’s going to do all those jobs in London if they heave been forced to move out....
    16-08-2022, 14:43 PM
  • Reply to Capital Gains Tax
    by Codger
    It is upsetting to pay tax on inflation. Years ago there was a system for allowing for inflation but the tax was higher then.
    But there is no sympathy for landlords now so we cannot do much.
    16-08-2022, 14:13 PM
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    Apologies if this has been covered in this website but I've looked and cannot find...

    I bought my flat in 1997, rented it out in 2001 (ish), returned to live in it in March 2020. Its approx 27 years ownership and 7 ish years living in it.

    My accountant tells me the CGT...
    16-08-2022, 12:59 PM
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    by jpucng62
    But you have had 20 years of rent as well as the huge gain left after CGT!...
    16-08-2022, 14:12 PM
  • Reply to Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by jpkeates
    That's a sensible point to make.

    I wasn't suggesting that people gradually move further and further into the economic wilderness as things get worse!

    I moved once, out of London and the South East, which is, in England, where I think the problem is.
    People who earn "normal...
    16-08-2022, 14:04 PM
  • Reply to Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by royw
    And of course the rent has gone up because of greedy landlords and has absolutely nothing to do with supply and demand. Approx 10 million immigrants all of whom need a home but no one told the land manufacturers so we have no extra land to build millions of houses on (ditto water and food)....
    16-08-2022, 13:57 PM
  • Reply to Future Issues for LL and Tenants
    by LandlordWannabe
    how often should people move due to this though, are people supposed to slowly move to a worst area as life goes on wages stay the same/see small rises and inflation / energy bills/rent rises slowly cut into there disposable income ?.

    the rent on my estate has gone from 600 month to 900...
    16-08-2022, 13:37 PM