Extra documents signed when signing AST

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  • Extra documents signed when signing AST

    When signing our AST with a letting agent, they also got us to sign some other documents, section something (I can't remember the actual term), they said at the time that it was merely to ensure that at the end of our lease we would leave, and also tried to say that it also meant we were allowed to stay there for the duration.

    I didn't check at the time, but have now noticed that while we have our AST copy, we don't have copies of these other documents.

    Is it within our rights to ask for copies of these from the letting agents? Is one of them likely to be a "Section 21" ? (if so should we have our own copy of this?)

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    Yes, if it was a Section 21 notice, which it sounds like, you should have the original. For more info on this, see this recent thread


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