tenancy contract epxired and want tenants out.

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  • tenancy contract epxired and want tenants out.

    i have tenants in my flat the contract expired a while back and i didnt renew one, as i was abroad.

    i now want to take possession of my property.

    what is the procedure -do i just serve them a 2month notice in writing as normal?

    the thing is i forsee problems wth them not wanting to move.Have i any legal rights to shift them?

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    I take it that you are referring to a standard Assured Shorthold Tenancy agreement. Is it your routine to issue a Section 21 Notice (Notice Requiring Possession) when a tenancy is first granted?

    If you need to issue or follow up a Section 21 Notice it would be helpful for you to do a search on the forums to get clued up on the correct way to issue serve and follow up such notices.
    Vic - wicked landlord
    Any advice or suggestions given in my posts are intended for guidance only and not a substitute for completing full searches on this forum, having regard to the advice of others, or seeking appropriate professional opinion.
    Without Plain English Codes of Practice and easy to complete Prescribed Forms the current law is too complex and is thus neither fair to good tenants nor good landlords.


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      yes and no i didnt serve a s21.

      it may be fine im just pre-empting grief.

      so do they have more rights than normal(as under the 6mths agreement) now that it has expired?


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        They have no miore rights than usual. just serve notice but make sure it is done right.


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