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    I have been renting a property for the past 3 months and have recenlty been offered a job which will require me to move away from the area. I am currently in a 12 month contract and so will be making enquiries in order to try and get out of the contract which i know will be difficult.

    I dont think the landlord will cut the contract short so thats a bit of a no go, however, i do have some issues whereby i bleieve the landlord may have breached the tenenacy agreement.

    I have never met the landlord and have never even managed to contact him as his telephone is constantly switched off. Last month all of the electricity went off and i was stuck in the pitch black for almost 8hrs with no heating, hot water, lighting or anything. Eventually i was able to get through to the lettign company who came out and sorted the problem for me. They assured me the landlord would contact me to discuss the incident but i still have never heard anythign from him.

    Alongside this, on moving into the property i was informed that the electricity meters for the property had been mixed up with a number of other properties an the landlord woudl be sorting this out in order to arrange meter readings. 3 months down the line i still havent received an electricity bill and as far as i know i could end up receiving a bill and paying for the months before i moved into the building as a meter reading was never taken on me moving in. Not only this but it coudl actually be that i end up being charged for someone elses electricity becaus eof the problem.

    Lastly, a couple of weeks ago the landlord turned up unanounced asking to see the conditon of the property. Is this allowable? I let him into the property but later found out that he may of infact been in breach of the agreement by just turning up on the door step.

    Obviosuly i want to try and get out of the agreement because of this job ive been offered. I want to try and be civil but im preparing myself for the worst.

    Any comments oudl be greatly appreciated.


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    The power failed - it was sorted out within 8 hours - it is doubtful if you would succeed in a compensation claim for that unless you actually suffered some loss or it was because of landlord neglect that the power went off in the first place.

    Turning up to inspect without notice - you could have said no - give me notice and I will let you inspect. Instead you decided to get it over with and let the inspection take place - so no compensation claim here.

    The meters problem - you cannot claim compensation for something that you percieve might happen - if it does happen and you have to spend time and effort sorting it out, then fair do's claim something.

    As to your leaving early, speak to the letting company - by all means tell them of the little problems you speak of but don't really expect them to offset that against your liability for leaving early on a 12 month contract but you never know - they might have a tenant lined up ready to take over and be pleased to release you from your obligations.


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      Search some of my posts, I have posted in detail about the options should you wish to leave a tenancy early.
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