Giving notice, what do I have to say ?

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  • Giving notice, what do I have to say ?

    I am about to give my land lord a months notice, is there anything specific that I need to put in the letter ? (apart from dates etc!!!!!).

    I know these things have to be spot on. or there may be delays.

    Thanks again in advance.

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    Dear Mr. Landlord,

    I would like to give you one month's notice that I intend to leave 123 Rented Street, Payrent on xxxxx date in accordance with condition number 1235674543 of my tenancy agreement with you dated.

    Yours sincerely,

    Lessrent Tenant

    should cover it - assuming you are entitled to give notice to leave early of course which you will have checked!


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      Thanks for that,

      just to complicate things, we've never even seen a copy of the tenancy agreement, we carried on dealing with him direct after problems with the letting agency. no thats wrong actually, he showed us a photocopy of the front page of it, and even then my wifes name and dates were wrong ...! so we havent even signed anything, it got boring in the end, chasing him up for it, he's one of these "yeah yeah, leave it with me, or Ive got it on my dining table, I'll get it round to you !. As Queen Victoria once said.."Im not f****ng amused!"

      I would have thought it would have been in his interests to get it done to protect himself. (not that we're problem tenants, if I b******d him around I would lose my job!). But there you go.

      The tenancy expires mid may anyway, so we might actually go along the lines of not renewing the agreement, if thats the case do we simply go along the lines of your example ?. I want to make sure our backs are well and truly covered.


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        Are you planning on giving your 1 month's notice to coincide with a monthly rent payment day?

        If you weren't, then that's not necessarily not permitted or possible, but the LL might conceivably object, which is where you might have issues. But hard to see how he could, given the absence of an AST agreement!


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