L to sell our rented property: where do we stand?

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    L to sell our rented property: where do we stand?

    Hello, hoping you can spread some light on an issue I have.

    I recently (June 2009) started renting a flat on a 12 month Assured Shorthold Tenancy with my girlfriend. We are both named in the contract and have paid the rent in full for the 12 months.

    We received a phone call on Friday (14/08/09) from a local estate agents stating they would be coming to measure the flat so that it could be placed for sale, we were also told by the agent on the phone that the whole property (all other flats) were also up for sale.

    We are now unsure where we stand regarding our tenancy as we have had no written notice of this action from the landlord.

    The local estate agent has a key for the flat and informed us that if we were not in they would let themselves in to measure. We are concerned about the ability of the agent to let themselves into the flat uninvited when we have had no written confirmation of the sale of the flat by the landlord and that any prospective buyers may also be able to enter our property whilst under the supervision of the agent without our presence.

    So a few questions really,

    Can the agent let themselves into the property, alone or with a prospective buyer, with or without written/verbal notice? I understand on this point it is advisable to reach a happy medium.

    Are we safe in our tenancy until it ends next June, or can it be terminated?

    Follow on question, if the contract can be terminated what rights do we have and what happens with regards to our remaining rent and deposit as they have been paid in full?

    If another party is able to buy the property would our contract still stand, with the same terms such as rent, etc?

    Now for an unrelated question, what is the likelihood of another party buying the property which has tenants with a AST with 10 months remaining? I know this is dependent on many factors, just curious as to the general feeling.

    Thanks for taking the time to read the post and hopefully reply, sorry if this can be found using the search function or is a somewhat common question.

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