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    Hi there, Im new here so if this has already been covered in depth previously, I do apologise for going over old ground.

    We have been in an AST for nearly three years now. After being mucked around by the letting agents for the second year we decided to deal direct with the landlord, which he was more than happy to do.

    The contract with the letting agents expired 15/05/2005. Naturally the new agreement would run from 16/05/2005 (or so we thought). However, we have only seen a photocopy of the tennancy agreement (that states the agreement runs from 21/07/05). As of yet we have never seen, let alone signed, a contract with the landlord. Despite his assurances that one is in existence, apparantly its in his desk ...."I must bring it round to you ...!!" etc.

    Over the last two months, the landlord has made comments that he is thinking of selling this property, we obviously accept that this could always happen, and dont have any problems with that, so we have decided that we want to move to another property.

    My question is how much notice do we have to give to the landlord, that we want to leave before the tennancy ends ? (by our calculations only a month and a half) Where do we stand as we havent seen a contract etc ?.

    Thanks in advance folks.......

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    I would have thought that you only need to give one months notice. I may be wrong but as you have not signed a new agreement you are now on a statutory tenancy agreement which means you only need to give one months notice on your side.
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