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    I rented a house on a 6month AST which finished at the end of February. The landlady has sold the house so she asked for the keys to be handed back to the estate agent.

    I've been trying to contact her since then to find out when the deposit would be returned but she ignores my emails and hasn't collected a recorded delivered letter from the sorting office and doesn't respond to our phone messages.

    I've now received a letter from her saying she has cash flow problems and that I will have to wait until the sale of the house completes before my deposit is returned.

    I know this could take anything from 3months onwards (if no ones pulls out of her chain)

    I really don't know what I can do next. Do I take her to small claims court or do I wait it out ? I do feel annoyed that she has spent the deposit and is unable to return it. (£1150)


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    Send her a "letter before action" giving her 14 days to pay and then issue proceedings in the County Court if she hasn't replied. Hard luck stories have a habit of being untrue.

    The main thing is not to mess about but go for it!
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