S21 served now what???

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  • S21 served now what???

    Awfully sorry for being such an ignoramous, I have never served one before as i have been lucky with tennants of 10 homes for 3 yrs.

    It was served on 16th march and dated to 16th may i have a signed photo copy by the witness who watched me pop it through hes door (trying to be fastidious)

    The neighbours and the witness( two v nice guys weve had for years) seem to think this tennant wont leave..... what is my next move if he does'nt???

    Is is S8 ???

    PS this tennant has been represented in the past by a housing association who incidentally furnished me with the S21 i used (theyre a bit fed up with him too)

    Many thanks in advance

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    You wait until the notice has expired and then you issue possession proceedings under S21 - you can get the forms on the court website www.courtservice.gov.uk and fill them in there and print off.

    You want this form http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/H...t_forms_id=618 you must have a written agreement.

    You can also serve a S8 notice if the tenants are more than 8 weeks/2 months in arrear and you only have to wait 14 days before issuing summons but there is the danger that the tenants could reduce the arears below that level by the hearing date at which the judge would then not be able to make the usual mandatory possession order.


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