Signing Agreement Behalf of Landlord.

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  • Signing Agreement Behalf of Landlord.

    I am looking after a shared house with tenants on behalf of a friend of mine, who is abroad for few months. While he is away, one of the tenants moved out. He asked me to look for a suitable new tenant, which I have done.

    The new tenant would like to move in soon (before my friend returns). I have arranged the tenancy agreement with my friend's name as Landlord. Do I have the right to sign the agreement on behlaf of my friend as he is away? If I can, is there any pitfalls I should look out for? Thanks.

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    No reason why you cannot sign the agreement instead of your friend since you are for all purposes acting as his agent which moniker you should state underneath your signature.

    The only pitfall (apart from any disagreement between you and landlord as to the contents of the agreement) is that as agent you are liable to receive any notices about the property either from the tenant or the local authority.


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      Thanks very much. That answers my question.


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