Landlord wants to sell where do I stand?

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    Landlord wants to sell where do I stand?


    I moved into a flat at the start of March, last week the landlord informed me that he wanted to sell the flat (it had been on the market for some time before we rented and was taken off the market by the agent on signing the contracts). I signed up for a 12 month contract with a 6 month break. The wording of the contract is:

    "THE Landlord may terminate this Tenancy by giving not less than two month’s written notice to the Tenant to expire not earlier than the end of the term or on exactly six months after the Commencement Date"

    I want to know at what point the landlord has to give me notice to quit the flat, as he told me of his intention to sell after I had been in the flat for 4 and a half months, and my interpretation is that the flat is mine until March next year?

    I am concerned where I stand legally. I discussed with the landlord that I will begin looking for a new place to live as I don't want to have the uncertainty hanging over my head, and he agreed verbally that I could give 1 months notice to move at any point during the term and that he would give me 2 months notice to quit the flat. I also agreed that I would allow access to the flat for viewings etc even though the contract states that I only have to do this 48 days before the end of the tenancy and he said that he would not charge me the checking out costs when I leave the property. I sent him an email detailing this but he has not yet acknowledge receipt of it.

    I am concerned that when I find a new place to live the landlord will pursue me for rent up until the end of the term. If anyone has any advice in this matter it would be greatly appreciated.

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    There doesn't seem any way that Sara can claim to be living in that property.
    Which would probably mean that, at some point, you have become a tenant (and the person in the other room is almost certainly a tenant because they have never lived in the property with Sara).
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    I can see it is a complicated arrangement but as JKO says, this is your home, if you are not happy where you are then move, why try and go down the route of conflict when all it will end up with is your eventual eviction, which i am sure will come not of your choosing and as sods law often dictates...
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    Does it matter in the grand scheme of things? She's not kicked you out. If you don't like your housemate, move, surely?

    I wouldn't be laying the law down to Sarah, as I suspect you may still be a lodger.
    28-11-2021, 12:22 PM
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    It would be much more sensible to let the "lead" tenant to sort out his own mess, as it was his judgement to allow the problem lodger into the property.
    And that is what is happening, but again I cannot see why I would not be permitted to 'act in support of the "lead" tenant'....
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    A Lodger (Excluded Occupier) needs to be excluded as his Notice Period has expired (one calendar month), and he refuses to leave

    I understand Police will not get involved to remove him, even though he is tresspassing, understand they view this as Civil not criminal....
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