Can I keep part depost when a lodger moves out early?

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    Can I keep part depost when a lodger moves out early?

    I have a lodger who was originally moving out either on 14 or 15 Aug, which was agreed 1 month in advance according to the lodger agreement.

    She then told me that she is moving out on 9 Aug only today (27 Jul). I guess this is due to the some small disagreements we had over the last few weeks.

    Can I keep part deposit to cover the loss of a 1-week worth rent?

    The lodger agreement does not state other than the notice period 'ONE MONTH BY EITHR PARTY'.

    I already have a new tenant secured but I am not sure if he wants to move in early. If he wants to move in early, can he move in whilst I keep my current lodger's part deposit as this will duplicate the rent for some period?

    Apologies for such basic questions but this is my first landlord experience! Appreciate professional advice.

    You are probably within your rights to deduct the one week's (or 5-6 days) rent from the deposit, but if the new lodger does move in sooner, and you therefore don't suffer any loss of rent, I think it would be a bit unfair to do so.


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