Tenant finds that landlord won't communicate

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  • Tenant finds that landlord won't communicate

    hello everyone,
    this is just a quick up date. i spoke to my landlord,if you can call it that just now.the first time i called i got "get out" and then they hung up i then had to call twice more to speak to them and then all that was said was " its in our solicitors hands" then hung up again. i did not get to mention the repairs that i am still waiting to be fixed. this is not legal is it? i should be able to contact them without abuse, what if there was an emergency?

    thank you all for your help, understanding and advice

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    Well, if they don't want to speak to you - either relations have reached such a low or they fear you will ask for mountains of repair work or they think that by being like this with you, you will give up and go.

    If you need to contact the landlord in an emergency, or non-ermergency come to that - send a text message from your mobile to their mobile AND land line - on the latter it will be converted into a spoken message and their phone will ring and the message will be played and they can abuse the tape recorder to their hearts content.

    You will have proof you tried contacting them on your phone.

    Problem solved.


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      If they being that petty, don't descend to their level. Keep doing everything the proper way. Write to your landlord explaining the problem. Tell them you want it repaired by XX date (be reasonable) or you will get the work done yourself and subtract the costs from your rent.

      If xx date passes, get 3 quotes and get the cheapest to do the work. Send copies of all quotes and the bill to the landlord.


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