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    Part of bond not returned

    Hello everyone. Here is my story. When I moved out of the flat I rented (3d Nov) the manager of the property paid me a visit and said that the flat was ok in condition. He said he would post a cheque to my new address.I stayed at some friends until the 25th of Nov and then I left the Uk. Before that I called him twice and asked him about the bond and he told me not to worry. Just before I left I called him and gave him my bank account so he could deposit the money. Being outside of the uk i couldnt check the balance of my account until recently when i started web banking and then I realised he had deposited only 365 out of 500 pounds. I called him and he said "it looks like the room wasn't found in the best condition." I know some devices didn't work (like a heating unit) but that's the way I found it when I came. Otherwise the flat was in good condition. Anyway I asked for a detailed file of the damages sent to me, but he doesn't seem trustworthy."
    What do you think I should do in case I don't hear from him?

    Do you have his address? Sounds to me as if he is taking advantage because you left the country. Did you sign a fully detailed inventory at the commencement of the tenancy? And he legally must supply you with all receipts for any work/items charged for.
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      Ask the solicitor for their interpretation of section 5(5)(b) of the Housing Act 1988 regarding giving a notice to quit on the first day of the statutory periodic tenancy.
      19-01-2018, 22:54 PM
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      You have a good tenant and if it were me I'd be looking for ways to keep her rather than evict her. Might be worth having a chat and find out how much she can afford now and in the long-term. If she can afford it on her own once the debts are cleared possibly offer her a reduced rent for a year equivalent...
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      If it were a notice to quit given during a periodic tenancy, as opposed to an agreement with the landlord during the fixed term, then tenancy has ended. Validity of a notice to quit does not depend on whether the tenant follow up and acting in accordance to it. A notice to quit is not a notice of intention....
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      But the notice wasn't valid because the tenant did not give up possession. The notice is an intention to end the tenancy but the tenant remains in possession so they did not end the tenancy. If it was the end of a fixed term that would be different....
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      Just serve your own notice and leave them to it. Wish them good luck if either one tries to sue you for rent etc.

      Having said that, I'm not totally sure about my previous advice that you can give notice on the first day of the periodic tenancy, so if you want to be safe, give notice after...
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